Sunday, March 31, 2013

Two Months and Two Weeks!

That's the amount of time left before the Grand Depart of the Tour Divide!  Not that much time and if I think about it too much I start stressing out.  No matter how much I train and prepare I still feel like I'm not doing nearly enough. 

It's the same way if I start thinking about the length of the route.  It's a lot to grasp when I think about 2,745 miles and 200,000 feet of elevation gain.  But I learned during the Trans North Georgia that you just have to make small goals which in turn gives you small rewards.  I like the expression, "one day at a time." The same goes when thinking about how prepared I am.  I remember making last minute decisions the morning of the start of the Trans North Georgia.  This time around, I hope to at least have things a little more dialed by that point!

Training with TC Webb up in Vermont
I just got back from visiting some friends up in Vermont and got to get a few training rides in.  It was great since it's the start of mud season up there.  All the roads were extremely mushy and we even had to hike through some snow.  Perfect Divide training!

Now that I'm home, I'm starting to put together my gear and see how it all fits in my new bags I received last week.  Makes for a heavy bike but I've noticed I can go a little faster down hills now thanks to the extra weight.  Hopefully that will compensate for the extreme snail-like pace I'll be keeping on the climbs. 

The weather seems to finally be stabilizing a little and hopefully we won't see any more snow (although I am not holding my breath).  I'm looking forward to getting out with a loaded bike and doing some longer rides.  It will give me a good opportunity to explore some new areas with a whole different mentality.  

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