Friday, March 15, 2013

Gaining Momentum, One Pedal Stroke at a Time

So what's been going on?  Well, mostly just tons of time in the saddle!  I've almost logged 300 miles this week and still have tomorrow to ride. Some days my motivation is high and other days, quite low. You wouldn't think that riding your bike so much could eventually get boring.  But there are still lots of places to explore and lots of people willing to get out and ride so it's been fun.

So far I have raised almost $500 that will go to Trips for Kids WNC.  That's 25% of the goal!  I have to say thanks to all the great folks out there who have donated and helped to spread the word!  Every little bit helps!  Spreading the word on Facebook and other social media sites is a great way to help out as well!  Tell all your friends!

Magic Cycles and Earth Fare are also showing their support in helping me reach my goal by providing biking needs and healthy food!  Gotta keep the steed and the engine running smooth and clean.

My bikepacking kit is almost put together.  I'm just waiting for one more bag to arrive that attaches to the handlebars.  Once I get that (next week) I will get some photos and a post up about my bikepacking setup and some of the gear I'll be bringing along.

Keep checking back for more updates and don't forget to Donate to help get more kids outside and onto bikes!

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